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What do I do now ?

I want to spend a few years in Asia, hopefully in a main city like Singapore, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hong Kong... Design and Engineering are my fields and ideally getting a job where I can use both would be excited. Nowadays Im working in a sportwear brand, trying to learn more about the clothing industry, saturated of brands but with room for modern, functional and out of the box options, I think. Of course im open to new oportunities here In Europe, we should never say no to something we dont know.

About me

Since I was a kid I liked to draw, paint and be creative, I enrolled a paiting studio very young and that was the starting point. A few years later I had an accident in my hand, which prevented me from writing and that's when I started with graphic design and programming. Nowadays I have more than 5 years of experience. Legos were the wick, I could spend the whole day playing with them as a kid and that lead to my engineering degree. I'm a big advocate of the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics and the mixed mindset of design and engineering makes it easier. I believe mind and body are highly interconnected and the a healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on how your brain works. I've been into swimming, running, basketball, martial arts, powerlifting and many other ways of being healthy and active. Sometimes I might be too extreme with nutrition but people around me make me more balanced. Hard work and perseverance are two skills I've learned over the years and they certainly are the most important variables in the ecuation of business success. Personal growth is as important as eat or sleep for a fulfilling life.

Test one

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