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Article: REUSABLE MASKS by Roger Sport



For weeks, in the midst of total confinement , nothing was heard in the media other than the lack of medical supplies, such as protective masks. It didn't take long for us to start researching the possibility of making these masks in our factory.

We had the machinery , human team and desire to help, so that after several days we already had our prototype .

Prototype Mask

We have carried out various waterproofing, pilling and use cycle tests to be sure that the technical characteristics are adequate.

The regulation on which we have relied to meet all the requirements has been UNE 0065:2020.

In the next table Acceptance criteria for reusable masks are shown.

Criterion masks

For all complete information on the UNE 0065:2020 regulations you can access by clicking on the following link --> Regulations .

At Roger Sport we are known for the quality of the product and customer service , so honoring this, we have decided to set a price as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality .

Our main objective at this time is to help workers or companies by supplying them with an effective and low-cost product that helps them prevent contagion and therefore to continue their activity.

All the masks are made by hand by our team in the Basque Country, helping us in the same way to cope with this situation.

They are already available in our online store: In packs of 5 units | In packs of 10 units | In packs of 20 units .

The first customers have already been able to use them and the feedback received from the masks is very positive, emphasizing comfort as well as fit.


For any other questions about larger quantities or personalized models, you can contact us directly on our website in the contact section.

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