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Article: Types of masks

Tipos de mascarillas

Types of masks

Surely you have heard, read or even informed someone else about the types of masks , which ones are effective and where to buy them at a good price. Well, we have tried to distill in a few paragraphs what you really need to know.

First of all to mention that even the worst mask helps prevent the spread and it is advisable to use it whenever you are in closed spaces and with other people with whom you do not live. It is also a complementary measure and not a replacement for distancing and hygiene.

There are many types of masks, but the most common are 3:


They can be single use or reusable. The former must be discarded after several hours of use, since the outer part may contain virus particles and the inner part bacteria generated by ourselves.

Reusable ones can be washed a certain number of times and are generally a better alternative to disposable ones, both economically and because they can be made of better materials.

These types of masks, both disposable and reusable, prevent the spread of contagion and although they help prevent contagion, they cannot ensure it due to the type of filter.

Healthy people should opt for this version.

Types of masks: Hygienic - Roger Sport Cycling Blog


They are not designed to protect the wearer, so it prevents you from getting infected but it does not protect you from other people. It is the typical mask that a doctor wears in the operating room, since the objective is to prevent the dispersion of possible pathogens.

The other versions are advised over this one unless you are a carrier of the virus.

Types of masks: Surgical - Roger Sport Cycling Blog

PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment)

There are different degrees of filtration (FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3), as well as filter types (P1, P2 and P3) if present.

They are effective both to avoid infecting and to avoid being infected and are especially used by professionals who are in contact with Covid-19 patients. Of course, at least the level of filtration of FFP2 is necessary. The most commercialized are the N95.

In general, this type of mask is less accessible, less economical than the rest and is not reusable, but it is the only one that guarantees protection to the wearer.

Types of masks: PPE - Roger Sport Cycling Blog

Today there are thousands of mask options, especially reusable hygienic ones , which is very positive because it offers all citizens the opportunity to acquire them and limit their spread. Let's remember that at the beginning of this pandemic we did not have enough to cover the growing demand and now we see ads everywhere.

As we have mentioned before, the materials with which the masks are made makes a big difference. Even within the same category, we can find options that are worthwhile and others that simply “look like” masks. When you buy them, make sure they follow the regulations, that the material adequately filters inhalation and exhalation, and that the manufacturer is named on each unit.

We don't have the best, but like many other companies we decided to manufacture masks to combat the demand a few months ago and we continue to do so following the regulations, with top quality materials and at a fair price. With the main objective of helping with an affordable option that works.




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Author : Roger Sport

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