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Article: Sergio Cámara Madrid | @sergiocamara1969


Sergio Cámara Madrid | @sergiocamara1969

Sergio has a quality that makes him practically invincible; never give up. After the following questions we will know you a little better.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What's your job?

I am from Granada, but I live in San Fernando (Cádiz).
I am a sales agent for ONCE in San Fernando.

You have a very ambitious challenge in mind, explain us what it consists of. Do you see yourself capable of achieving it?

Not one, I have several challenges in mind.
The first is thanks to all the people who helped me in the difficult moments of my life.
The second and the trigger for all the help received recently is about crossing Spain by bike.
And the third, and no less important, is to help other people to fight for life and to be able to donate as much as possible to adapted sports.
Absolutely yes, I see myself capable without any doubt. I have gone from not fighting for my life to giving my life for those who love me.

How do you combine work and sport?

In my job I have a flexible schedule, at the moment I am at the expense of some medical results and I am on sick leave, my doctor recommends that I practice cycling and swimming for health reasons.

How many hours/week do you dedicate to sport?

I don't have a specific schedule, but I try to spend at least two hours a day.

What was your first time on the bike ?

I have been more into contact sports such as Rugby, but on a bike I will take about three years and two seriously dedicated to be able to carry out my challenge.

    What is the hardest thing about cycling for you? And the easiest?

    After everything I've been through, nothing. But if I have to say something; The climbs are the worst I have.
    The descents, since it is what I do best and I can feel fast and free.

    What mental tool do you use for critical moments?

    To think how I felt before, unable to bend down to tie my shoelaces, look down and see how my wife had to tie them.
    Fight not to be a burden and to show that there are no limits, because you put them in your head.

    Let's talk about food. Do you follow any diet during the preparations? Out of them?

    I try to avoid fats, fried foods, sweets and alcohol. And outside of them I try to stay the same.

    Why cycling and not another sport? What attracted you to cycling?

    Because it is a sport where I have no impact on my back and legs, where I can do routes and see places that I would never get to see on foot.
    I was drawn to the feeling of freedom.

    Do you like the RRSS?

    Yes, because used as it should be, you can learn a lot from other people and they can guide you in this sport, as well as share my ideas.|

    How would you define yourself?

    Humanist. I still have faith in the human being, we can improve if we leave selfishness aside and learn to share.

    How do you see yourself in the following months/years?

    Realizing my challenges and helping other people. Life is so much more.

    What sports goals do you have in the medium term (6-18 months)? And in the long term?

    I want to cross Spain on MTB, from San Fernando Cádiz, passing through Talavera de la Reina and ending up in the Basque Country.
    After this challenge, one for each bow.

    If you had to give one piece of advice to anyone who has only been doing triathlons for a short time. What would?

    Life in itself is already a challenge. The limitations are in your mind.


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    Hola. Le escribo de Canal Sur. Querríamos entrevistarle antes de su marcha el próximo día 15 de mayo. ¿Podrías facilitarnos un teléfono de contacto? Gracias.


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