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Article: Different disciplines in cycling


Different disciplines in cycling

When you hear the word "cycling", the first thing that comes to mind is the Tour de France , Giro d'Italia or Vuelta de España . Each event has its own dress very dependent on the conditions. But, cycling is not alone in these events. There are currently 3 types of cycling ( Competition, Recreational and Urban ) and each one has its specific modalities. As will be seen below, they can differ from one another in many aspects:

  • Road / Route cycling : It is characterized by being played on asphalt , although in certain tests it is circulated on roads that do not have the asphalt variable. As can be seen, he wears a tight-fitting Jersey and Bib Shorts to achieve the highest possible speed while pedaling; Helmet and accessories that are allowed for the competition.
  • Track cycling : Its main characteristic is that it takes place in a velodrome , and with track bicycles, which lack brakes and gears, and fixed gear. It is performed indoors and is a modality that takes place on a smooth area without the presence of obstacles. As will be deduced, the competitions that are practiced are mostly speed tests, so the clothing must be as tight as possible (Diverters or Maillots and Culottes completely tight).
  • Mountain biking : Considered a risky sport , it takes place in natural circuits , generally through the woods along narrow paths with steep slopes and very fast descents . Bicycles are made of aluminum, titanium, carbon and other similar alloys . The outfits are similar to road cycling; that is, Jersey, Shorts, Helmet and the appropriate accessories.
  • Cyclo-cross : Cycling modality born in the middle of the 20th century, it consists of making a certain number of laps on a circuit with asphalt sections , meadow paths and a series of obstacles (both natural and artificial). Road bikes, adapted and modified, are used . In order to make the most of the effort in this type of cycling, the preparation is done in winter , according to the recommendations of some professionals. Generally, it is worn with a Long Jersey together with a Short Jersey, but there are competitors who prefer to wear a Short Jersey.
  • Trial: It is derived from motorcycle trials . The objective is to avoid obstacles or hindrances by themselves without reaching their feet on the ground . It is necessary to indicate that Spain is the cradle of this sport and it is probable that it was invented by Pedro Pi 's father , who was a motorcycle trial world champion . The basic principle is to run a course of a number of preset sections. The winner is the one who accumulates the most products at the end of the competition. The clothing becomes freer, being required only the Helmet. The main reason is to achieve a greater body maneuver when making dodge movements and crossing obstacles .
  • Cycling BMX (Bicycle Motocross) : Discipline in which it is practiced with cross bikes with 20-inch diameter wheels. It is considered an extreme sport that must be practiced with due safety . There is no official clothing , since the greatest freedom is required in the extremities of the body to be able to carry out the activities required in this type of cycling.
    • BMX RACE : It is practiced in circuits with curves and obstacles . Currently considered an Olympic sport, it was considered as such from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
    • BMX Freestyle : With a 20 rim BMX bike, this sport consists of doing tricks on the bike . It is worth mentioning that there are 6 different modalities and each one goes according to the types of stunts they do (Dirt Jump, Flatland, Park, Vert, Street, Street-flatland).

Apart from competitive activity, the 2 remaining types of cycling are practiced for health and/or recreational purposes:

  • Cycle tourism: The well-known long-distance cycling. Its objective is to turn it into a recreational activity, combining health and tourism factors. It consists of traveling by bicycle visiting the places that one finds in its path. The touring bike is modified for long-distance travel.

  • Urban cycling: Popular in European countries, specifically in the Netherlands, Denmark , France and Germany , it is probably the most common means of transport in the world (more bicycles are produced than cars). In addition, the bicycle is the second most used means of transport after walking.
    Although it provides great health, economic and environmental benefits, it also brings with it several drawbacks such as security, baggage loading and necessary urban infrastructure.

There is no doubt that cycling provides a wide range of possibilities in which practically anyone can practice it and, therefore, enjoy it. At ROGERBRIZ we want to help anyone who can pedal to do so with the best cycling clothing.

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