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Article: The importance of the chamois

La importancia de la badana

The importance of the chamois

In the next 5 minutes we are going to talk about how important the bib shorts are and why they play a fundamental role in the cyclist's equipment . At the end of the day, what you want is to pedal and enjoy yourself, and not feel discomfort during the journey that prevents you from achieving your goals.

First of all, we have to deny certain cycling myths that circulate on the internet and that we find on many occasions when advising our clients.

A more expensive chamois is better

Although in general a higher price is related to higher quality materials and a more efficient and ergonomic design, it may not be worth the extra expense in your case, since you will not benefit from it, it may even be the in case opting for a more expensive competition chamois is a mistake, since it is designed for long journeys and therefore feels too hard at the beginning of the journey.


The importance of the chamois: a more expensive chamois is better | Tips for choosing the chamois that best suits your needs | Blog Roger Sports, all about cycling


A bigger chamois is better

Sports activity, sex, and body structure of each person are the keys at this point.
The chamois used in disciplines that include swimming will always be smaller and finer in order to speed up drying, weigh less when wet, and not interfere during the rest of the event.

It is also important to mention that the chamois for men are different from those for women due to the anatomy of each gender. Women's chamois tend to be wider and lower, as they have to offer support for the wider pelvic bones and don't need the extra height that men need for the ball area.


The importance of the chamois: a bigger chamois is better | Tips for choosing the chamois that best suits your needs | Blog Roger Sports, all about cycling


A thicker chamois is better

This is undoubtedly the most widespread error. The choice of pad thickness and hardness is determined by the number of hours you are going to be on the bike continuously.

For short journeys (1 or 2 hours) the best choice is a soft and simple chamois. If we talk about medium journeys (2 or 3 hours) you have to look for a denser chamois and take into account certain technical aspects.

And for cyclists who spend 4 or more hours on the bike, the chamois becomes essential. In this case everything is important, breathability, density, thickness, design and hardness.


The importance of the chamois: we debunk all the myths about chamois | Tips for choosing the chamois that best suits your needs | Blog Roger Sports, all about cycling


In addition to the three previous points, it is necessary to distinguish between pads for Road bikes or for Mountain Bikes. If you are going to make your trips on the road, the chamois will be in contact with the saddle for much longer and therefore its importance is even more accentuated. For MountainBike, the response of the chamois to impacts is the most important thing to consider, since it will have to minimize stones and potholes.


When you go to buy a bib shorts , pay close attention to the chamois and ask your seller for explanations, considering at least the following points:


  • Winter or summer
  • Journey time
  • Cycling or Triathlon
  • Man or woman
  • Height/Weight Ratio


For all of the above, remember: The choice of chamois should never be random and should not be underestimated.

In future blogs we will comment on the technical details to take into account when choosing a chamois and its relationship with the bib shorts .


If you are thinking of buying a bib shorts and want more information about choosing the chamois that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form . We can customize your team's shorts from 20 units.

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