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Article: How to choose CYCLING OUTFIT for SUMMER



It seems that little by little the good weather arrives, the days lengthen and the desire to go out and ride a bicycle increases.

It's time to choose the right cycling clothing !

At Roger Sport we have proposed to give you some keys so that you know what you have to know and take into consideration when choosing the cycling clothing that you are going to wear in the hottest time of the year, such as spring. -summer.


The fact that a garment has good ventilation and breathability is something that every cyclist looks for in a garment on days when the temperature is high and more sweating occurs.


Our fabrics achieve this effect, that of causing as much moisture as possible to escape to the outside, in this way we can keep the skin dry and as fresh as possible.

All this is possible thanks to our years of experience , testing and combining different fabrics , carrying out field tests , listening to our customers and with the analyzes of our experts.
All this together means that our garments achieve great comfort and performance.



The fit of the garment on the body is another factor to take into account when choosing.

It must adhere to the body of the cyclist, adapting to each movement that is made on the bicycle, without any discomfort and of course avoiding any possible chafing.


We have been customizing cycling clothing for more than three decades and if we can talk about anything at Roger Sport , it is textile manufacturing.

All fabrics are treated with care avoiding altering the technical characteristics of the material itself .


A secret? A good flat seam together with a suitable fabric will make your bike ride a great day of cycling.


One of the most important parts in choosing a cycling kit , if not the most, is the bib shorts .

Every cyclist knows the importance of wearing a quality bib shorts on starts, it can even be said that it depends on the bib shorts, the fact that a start is a wonder or a real hell. It is the press that joins us to the bicycle as such and for that reason it has the importance that we have indicated.

The shorts assembly itself is important, but if we have to refer to one part, it is the chamois .


The chamois must not only be comfortable, but must also meet certain requirements such as the sex for which it is intended, the type of cycling , as well as within each type, its duration.


At Roger Sport we believe that we are not all the same and we are committed to offering you a wide range of chamois among which we are sure we will find the one that best suits your conditions and the development of the physical activity that you are going to carry out (short distance, mountain, long distance, triathlon, gravel).



Undoubtedly, the jersey is the garment that identifies the cyclist, it is the garment with which you make yourself be seen, the one that attracts the most attention and attracts attention in the first instance. It is essential that it meets the requirements that we have talked about previously, such as breathability and fit , as well as having good finishes, etc.

This section is where the cyclist fully enters, in the choice of style, the design of the jersey. At Roger Sport we have specialized in customizing cycling clothing and working for more than 30 years gives us that much-needed experience.


Dressing with your own colors and your own lines, that is the opportunity we give our clients, to be creative and if they do not find the inspiration, we design the personalized outfit to your liking.

The personalized jersey must be a unique and exclusive piece.


All these years that we have been working on the manufacture of personalized cycling clothing have also helped us to develop our own range of products , always with the premise of quality as a fundamental pillar.

Do you want to wear a current, modern and impressive outfit that is elegant at the same time?

We have what you are looking for. Discover our entire range of designs by Roger Sport .

Through this post we wanted to provide you with the most important points when making your choice in a summer cycling outfit .

We hope we have been of help to you.

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