The vast majority of users or cyclists do not know the benefits of not sublimating fabrics. In this post we are going to explain it.

First of all we have to say that it is called sublimation, the printing process in which the colors of a paper are transferred to the textile material.

This process requires that the inks coming from the paper change from a liquid to a gaseous state, for which very high temperatures are required and this is precisely the reason why the fabrics can lose their original properties. They do not lose 100% of the characteristics but they do lose an important percentage.

Currently almost all the sports kits that are made have something sublimated, since it is what differentiates one team from another, or what makes a design stand out.

When it is possible to dispense with said personalization and the aforementioned sublimation process, superior quality products are achieved starting from the same materials or fabrics.

This is precisely what we have achieved with our new NINJA shorts.

Blade Ninja Shorts

The best Lycras have been combined, without subjecting them to any sublimation process, and have been positioned in strategic areas based on their characteristics in order to make extremely comfortable cycling shorts . For more information you can access this link --> INFO

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