"Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often an illusion." Michael Jordan

For those of you who still don't know him, here we leave you a brief interview that he gave us before the challenge, and here the reflections after fulfilling it
A back accident, a run over causing loss of mobility in the left ankle and degenerative osteoarthritis in the ankle, patella and spine. After hitting rock bottom, he realized that the first step had to be done by him, and to be able to accept any help that comes. Sergio Cámara has risen again and shown that the will can move unimaginable mountains. Will that has pushed him to pedal from Cádiz to Mount Oiz itself. rogerbrz-sergiocamara-reto2_1

Previously, he carried out his first challenge in September 2021, which consisted of touring Spain on MTB, specifically from San Fernando (Cádiz) to Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). He himself mentioned that the pain was present and he overcame it, always keeping in mind the satisfaction that it would be once he had overcome this challenge. So it was. Thus was born the impulse to undertake great challenges.

And now he has managed to outdo himself. Starting on May 15 and after 12 stages, he opted to cover a total of 1,264 km by bike from San Fernando to the Mirador de Bizkaia, on Mount Oiz, and in turn help and inspire others to do the same. “To say that one more day I have overcome my illness, one more day that I have not sat still, one more day that I have met wonderful people out there, you know wonderful places, and if I also manage to help people, more gratifying than that is not there is nothing." rogerbriz-sergiocamara-reto2_2 Sergio recognizes that thanks to the accumulated experience he has learned to give a much higher value to life. “It is that people who have a chronic disease are a little selfish. We suffer from the disease and we suffer a lot, but we do not realize that people love us and, without having the disease, they suffer more than us. And I am the one who has to take the first step and try to help.” With that enthusiasm and strength, it was how he completed the route in 12 stages, the longest being between San Fernando and Seville (145 km).

The most rewarding thing is the affection he received from people he doesn't know. Many people joined during the various stages, of which several will remain friends forever.
ROGERBRIZ® was part of this challenge as support for Sergio and was present during the last stage, where we enjoyed a master class in perseverance and resilience.
We couldn't be happier that Sergio was able to meet this great challenge, which although for many it was simply difficult, for him it was practically impossible.



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