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Article: Patrik Saitua Betanzos | @saituabetanzos


Patrik Saitua Betanzos | @saituabetanzos

Teacher, councilor and passionate about sports. Patrik does not stand still.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What's your job?

My name is Patrik Saitua Betanzos, I am from Gautegiz, Arteaga and I work as a teacher at the Zuazo public school in Barakaldo. I am also a councilor in my town.

How do you combine work and sport?

I try to make the most of my free time and I usually do one workout at noon (swimming pool), and in the afternoon as soon as I get home I do the second one (running, cycling, gym), as long as I don't have a meeting or something like that. On weekends I like to get up early and have more time to train.

How many hours/week do you dedicate to sport?

I try to train every day of the week, although sometimes I have to modify the weekly training due to the commitments that come up. I normally train about 14 hours a week.

What was your first test?

Well, I started cycling when I was 11-12 years old in the “Kortezubike” team and I also ran in the different crosses that I participated with the school. In second year juniors I gave up cycling and started competing in duathlon in the Urdaitri team.
In recent years I have participated in track races, cross, duathlon, triathlon and different popular events.
Some of the tests carried out in recent years:

- Spanish Duathlon Championship in Aviles

- Oñati Duathlon
- Ribadeo Triathlon
- Santurce Bilbao
- Mile of Gernika: 1.
- Triathlon Santander Series (Getxo): 2 .
- Lekitxo bizirik herri krosa:
-Night Marathon Bilbao:
- Hiri krosa Bilbao:
- CTO Euskadi 5000m outdoors
- Somo Triathlon
- I Kros of Kanpantxu: 1
- Durango Duathlon
- Erandio Duathlon
- Deustuko Krosa: 3
- Amorebieta team duathlon
- Eibar Duathlon
- Mungia Duathlon
- Sopelana Duathlon
- Euskadi Cross Country Championship
- Bizkaia Cross Country Championship: 2 place per team
- Cto Bizkaia 3000m indoor track: 1 place
- Herri crosa Gure esku dago (Donostia): 1 Place
- Amorebieta international cross
- Crosses from Usansolo
- Cros put a brake Madrid: 5
- Gernika Mile: 3rd place
- Bilbao Night Marathon 10km
- Medieval Race Zaragoza: 1 place
- Duathlon Cros de Zeanuri relay

What test has been the hardest? Why?.

Without a doubt the toughest test is the kros. I don't know if it's because of my way of running but I suffer a lot from everything. I usually end up very touched. Every year I say that I will not run again and the following year I return.



What mental tool do you use for critical moments?

Normally I remember how hard we have trained to get to this moment and I draw strength from where there is not to be able to finish what I am doing. Many times after working, already tired, you see the training plan and you see that they play long series. You think you're not going to do it and you're unmotivated, but just thinking about everything that has been worked on up to now and that the tests are upon you, you draw strength from anywhere and you do it.

Do you have or have you had an injury due to sports?

At the age of 20 I had the so-called runner's knee or iliotibial band. It gave me a lot of headaches as it was not going away at all until I quit the sport completely (in despair). Over time the discomfort disappeared and I started again little by little.

Let's talk about food. Do you follow any diet during the preparations? Out of them?

I usually eat everything and pretty clean. When I am in a competition period, I do try to take a little more care with my diet but without going crazy.

Why triathlon and not another sport? What attracted you to triathlon?

With the triathlon I started not long ago, since I was much more comfortable running on the asphalt or on the track, but the inconvenience of running so many days in a row and the advice of my coach Roberto Flores made me start swimming too and so I I was able to reduce the discomfort I suffered when I only ran until I could train every day without problems.

Do you like the RRSS?

Yes, I use them regularly. I'm not one to publish much, but I like to be aware of what other athletes I follow are doing.
I think it is a very valuable tool as long as it is used correctly.

How would you define yourself?

A simple person, who likes what he does and works every day to improve

How do you see yourself in the following months/years?

I see myself training the same, day by day trying to improve and be able to reach this year's goals as well as possible.
In a month I am going to try the middle distance and from then on we will see.

If you had to give a single advice to anyone who has been cycling for a short time. What would?

Always do what you like without going crazy, set yourself a goal, fight for it and you will see how little by little you improve. Later you will set new challenges and goals.


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