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Article: Helene Alberdi | @helene_alberdi


Helene Alberdi | @helene_alberdi

Champion of Spain and Guipuzcoan Wonderwoman

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What's your job?

I am from Bilbao, but I live in Zumaia (Guipúzcoa). I am a family doctor.

How do you combine work and sport?

How can it be! Now I work afternoons and take advantage of the mornings to train. During the weekends I try to put in more training volume.

How many hours/week do you dedicate to sport?

Until now I trained about 20 hours a week. Since I've been a mother, I don't make it to 15 hours a week, but I try to make them of higher quality.


What was your first test?

The Getaria sprint triathlon in 2015.

    What test has been the hardest? Why?.

    Probably the Spanish long distance championship in Ibiza in 2016. Over the years I have realized that I was not yet ready to face that distance.

    What mental tool do you use for critical moments?

    I think that the pain is temporary, and that the more I suffer in the race, the more satisfaction I will feel afterwards.

    A few months ago you gave birth and now you are the champion of Spain. How did you do it? Any secret?

    The most important thing during these months has been to have a lot of patience and trust in my coach. The work began during pregnancy and has continued postpartum. I have done many strengthening exercises, injury prevention, hypopressive exercises, etc.
    The return to training has been very little by little.

    Do you have or have you had an injury due to sports?

    Luckily not so far, and hopefully I can continue like this.

    Let's talk about food. Do you follow any diet during the preparations? Out of them?

    Yes, I follow the diet prescribed by my nutritionist Aurora Cid. Over the years that I've been in triathlon I've realized the importance of nutrition, and I couldn't find a better person to guide my menus.

    Why triathlon and not another sport? What attracted you to triathlon?

    I was a swimmer and I have always liked to run and ride a bike, by joining the 3 sports that I liked in one, I was hooked.

    Do you like the RRSS?

    Not too much, but it is clear that nowadays it is essential to move in the world.

    How would you define yourself?

    The adjective that best defines me both as an athlete and as a person: persevering.


    How do you see yourself in the following months/years?

    Hopefully continue combining family and sport, it will be a good sign.

    What sports goals do you have in the medium term (6-18 months)? And in the long term?

    The next race is the Ibiza Half Triathlon, a test of the Spanish Cup. Next year the main goal will be the European Middle Distance Championship that takes place in Bilbao. And in a few years I hope to compete in Ironman distance.

    If you had to give one piece of advice to anyone who has only been doing triathlons for a short time. What would?

    Enjoy! And be careful, it's a sport that hooks hehe.


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