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Article: Sergio Cámara Madrid | Challenge 1 - Cross Spain on MTB


Sergio Cámara Madrid | Challenge 1 - Cross Spain on MTB

5 minutes with Sergio. Reflections of his first challenge.

For those of you who don't know him yet, here 's a short interview he gave us before the challenge.

First of all congratulations. You have managed to finish a challenge that under normal circumstances is very difficult, but in your case it was practically impossible. How do you feel after finishing it?

First of all, thank you for all the help and trust you have given me to make my challenge possible.
There are many difficult moments in life, but they are overcome.
Let's be realistic, many times we read good messages and after a while we forget, however we must remember the message, and keep fighting to get what we want.

Basically you were pedaling for almost the whole day. What were you thinking?

When I pedaled, I remembered the people who follow me and what it means to be able to carry out my challenge for them.

What was the most difficult moment? How did you get over it?

My most difficult moment was when back pain appeared and I had to continue climbing a mountain.
I got over it by biting my lip, thinking that the pain is temporary, but the satisfaction of being able to climb that pass and why is eternal.

Not long ago you weighed around 160 kg and needed a 5XL cycling jersey and just before the challenge you were already in a 2XL. What impact has all this had on your health?

As I usually say, for me cycling is life.
You can imagine!... From not being able to bend down, not finding clothes and with my medical history, which diagnosed me with loss of mobility in less than five years, to crossing Spain on MTB.

As in everything, surely you have learned a lot from this first experience. What would you change for the following challenges?

I couldn't tell you, it's the first challenge I've done.
Each challenge is different, however for my next one I would like to do it with a Gravel bike, with the stages planned to avoid carrying panniers and if possible with a support car to document my challenge and share the routes with everyone who wants to join. my.


    What is the main motivation that moves you to undertake new challenges?

    To be able to demonstrate that we impose limitations on ourselves, we must cut that invisible thread that prevents us from advancing and believing in ourselves, leaving that area where people suffer. You have to start living enjoying life.

    What is the next challenge you have in mind? When do you plan to do it?

    In this first challenge I was left with the thorn of going through Talavera de la Reina and Bilbao, I had to shorten it due to family problems.
    So I have decided to cross Spain from San Fernando -> Talavera -> Madrid -> Bilbao and finish by climbing Mount Oiz and eating a chocolate palm tree, with a person who has given me a lot.
    I would like to do it for mid-May or September.

    For those who were or are in your situation right now: What would you tell them? What steps should they follow to motivate themselves and internalize that it is very positive and necessary for them to make a change?

    I would tell them not to give up, to fight to live and set themselves a challenge. Those of us who have a disease suffer from the disease, but the people who love us also suffer from it when they see us without suffering from it themselves.
    The satisfaction of seeing that you can do more than you think.
    The pain is temporary, but how many can say that they have crossed Spain on MTB in conditions like mine...
    Never give up, challenge yourself and enjoy life. Since they will remember you for your actions and not for what you have.
    Thank you all for giving me strength to keep going.




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