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Article: Rodrigo Hernanz | Ultimad 2022

Rodrigo Hernanz | Ultrimad 2022

Rodrigo Hernanz | Ultimad 2022

Rodrigo organizes the first ultraman of the community of Madrid

How did the idea of the Ultrimad come about?

I've been kicking around this idea for a long time. Every time I signed up for a test like this, I didn't understand why I had to travel many kilometers to be able to participate in it. When I had finished as an athlete the four Ultraman that today are held in Spain (Asturias, Castellón, Valencia and Seville), I thought it was the perfect time to organize one in my Community.

With everything we have experienced and learned during these competitions, we (my family and I) embarked on the adventure of organizing the Ultrimad, the first Ultraman of the Community of Madrid.

What expectations do you have for this first edition?

The main idea is to make a hole for ourselves in the national calendar and accumulate experiences for the following editions.

We are very excited because both sponsors and participants have trusted us. Also, most of them are friends, so we will try to meet those expectations and provide them with an unforgettable adventure.

We know that you are a teacher. What fulfills you more, the triathlon or work?

The answer seems easy because, although I really enjoy my job, triathlon is pure leisure.

As the Head of Studies of a Secondary school and a Science teacher, I am clear that I am privileged because I dedicate myself to one of the most beautiful and important professions in our society. I love being able to accompany our young people in one of the most intense stages of their lives and contribute my grain of sand. Sport is a recurring theme in most of my Biology and Physics and Chemistry classes, and an outlet for my head. In conclusion, it is not easy to choose between one or the other and I try to combine both aspects as best as possible, although sometimes it is complicated.

    Would you recommend another test to Ultrimad participants?

    I cannot recommend a concrete test. I would simply encourage all readers to engage in some form of physical activity daily, or at least as often as possible. But, since we are with the Ultradistance competitions, I would recommend each of the Ultraman tests that are in Spain, since from my experience they mark you at a sporting level and above all, at a vital level.

    What do you like the most about the test routes?

    Although the bike and race sectors will run through incredible places, without a doubt, the bike sectors are the most spectacular, since they will allow the participants to discover a good part of Madrid's geography. Above all, the Sierra de Guadarrama and its national park, because it will be covered in its entirety; but also other points that are much less known but just as spectacular, such as a good part of the so-called “poor mountain range”.
    The route runs from the foothills to the southwest on Mount Abantos to the port of Puebla in the northeast of the community, passing through the colossi of Navacerrada and Cotos. The organization is aware that it is not an easy route, since there will be positive slopes of 2000m on the first day and almost 4000m on the second, but we can assure that the participants will not forget the landscapes and towns that they will cross.

    Why should one enroll this Ultraman?

    All the experience gained in the other competitions has allowed us to design the event in detail and with great care so that both the protagonists and their teams enjoy it to the fullest. The first editions are always complex, but we are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience and that next year we will be back with the second edition of Ultrimad.
    You don't have to convince anyone, simply invite them to live a unique experience. So, you are all invited to participate in this first edition and in the following ones.


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