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Going out to compete perfectly matched will help you generate the team spirit necessary to achieve victory. Now you can feel part of this whole with the kit that defines the winners.

custom kit
The locker room says a lot about your team

As specialists in professional cycling clothing, we are aware of the importance of the image of your cycling club. It is not only a badge that identifies your brand and your work philosophy, but also an important element when it comes to going out to win.

Just as not all teams are the same, the clothes they compete in are not. Quality is a common characteristic of the products we work with at Roger Sport , but from there we let you choose the materials and designs that best define you.

Personalized Etxebarri Xtrem kit

Use the templates on our website or send us a sketch with the idea you would like to capture and we will help you get the equipment you need.

Clothes for winter and summer

Adapt to the weather conditions at all times and don't let anything stop you. Our personalized designs are applicable to garments for both cold and heat.

We work with personalized cycling kits for clubs where rain, wind or heat are not an impediment when it comes to going out to train, much less when it comes to chasing victory.

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