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Article: CYCLING OUTFITS. INNOVATION in each project



If you are a cycling lover and are part of a professional team or if, on the contrary, you are an amateur cyclist who enjoys the virtues of pedaling with friends, at Roger-Sport we have the personalized cycling clothing you need.

Using the best qualities on the market at all times, our team of professionals puts passion into everything they do and that is ultimately what makes the difference. We work together with the end user, which is a true statement of our potential when it comes to creating personalized cycling clothing that meets all the demands required by a sport of great physical resistance such as cycling.

The price of our products is adjusted and in balance with the quality of the materials used for its elaboration. In the online catalog, customers can easily take a look and capture the essence of the firm's sports proposal, where simplicity and elegance go hand in hand to make superior quality products available to the user.

If what you are looking for are personalized cycling kits , creativity and innovation is the hallmark that we handle in each project or commission in which Roger-Sport designers immerse themselves. The personalized treatment and advice allows a reciprocal communication between designer and client so that the final project reaches a successful conclusion, and that it satisfies the expected needs and expectations.

To make it easier to create totally personalized kit, templates of different models of jerseys, culottes, tracksuits or bodysuits, both for the winter season and for the summer season, can be downloaded completely free of charge from the website. Once the templates have been downloaded, the client will make a small sketch of what they have in mind to design their kit, commenting on the ideas and aspirations they hope to obtain from the final product. With all this information on the table, the designers will contact the client to advise in a personalized way on the creative potential of those sketches, working as a team to materialize those ideas embodied in the sketches into a reality. With the examples available on the web. Inspiration will come by itself!

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