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Edición especial Comunidad del País Vasco

Special edition Community of the Basque Country

This collection aims to capture the essence of the Basque Country community in cycling clothing of the highest quality.
Each of the designs has its background and seeks a balance between elegance and meaning.
A living meaning that grows with the brand itself.
The first Basque Edition model was born in 2018 and was the forerunner of all the others.
This design is inspired by the Basque Forests and artists, such as the forest of Oma or Agustín Ibarrola. And of course maintaining the Red, Green and White colors of the Ikurriña.
It is the model adapted to more types of garments and to date the most popular among our customers.

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EUSKADI Long Jersey — OriginalEUSKADI Long Jersey — Original
EUSKADI Short Jersey — 2.0EUSKADI Short Jersey — 2.0
EUSKADI vest — OriginalEUSKADI vest — Original
EUSKADI vest — Original Sale price$72.00
EUSKADI Thermal Jacket — OriginalEUSKADI Thermal Jacket — Original
EUSKADI Long Jersey — 2.0EUSKADI Long Jersey — 2.0
EUSKADI Shorts — 2.0EUSKADI Shorts — 2.0
EUSKADI Shorts — 2.0 Sale price$88.00
EUSKADI Running T-shirt — 2.0EUSKADI Running T-shirt — 2.0
EUSKADI Thermal Jacket — 2.0EUSKADI Thermal Jacket — 2.0