ELEVEN Long Jersey


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ELEVEN [Peggy] women's long-sleeved or mid-season jersey. With a close fit, attached sleeves and very elastic materials, it adapts very well to the female anatomy.
The combination of fabrics ensures a perfect balance between breathability and thermal protection.
To increase protection against the cold, combine it with any vest and cover a greater range of temperatures.

FIT: Super Fit
NECK: Standard
THREW: Standard
TEMPERATURE: [ 8 - 23 ] ºC
WEIGHT: ~195gr
ZIPPER: Visible ●
POCKET: Triple
SEX: Woman

  • The measurements are indicative and there may be special cases.
  • In case of falling between two sizes , choose the larger one, since most of the fabrics are elastic and therefore you will be able to go more comfortable while maintaining the benefits that it offers.
  • The Slim fit is intended for a slim and/or athletic build. ( ectomorph or mesomorph somatotypes).
  • The Standard setting is for endomorphic somatotypes. For this fit, the waist measurement prevails over the rest. For example, if your height and weight fall within the size L, but the waist is within the XL, you should choose a size XL.

top train 2XS XS yes M L XL
Height CM <155 155-160 160-170 170-175 175-180 >180
Waist CM 59-63 63-67 67-71 71-75 75-79 79-101
Hip CM 85-89 89-93 93-97 97-101 101-105 105-109
Chest CM 77-81 81-85 85-89 89-93 93-97 97-101
Weight KG 45-50 50-55 55-60 60-65 65-75 >75

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